Scourge Players Association [SPA]

Frequently Asked Questions

The 'SPA' stands for Scourge Players Association and is a league for the game Scourge. Scourge is an online sports combat game with game play similar to hockey and mario kart. There are currently ladder and tournament game modes. New ladder seasons and tournaments will started at regular intervals by admin hosts.
Anyone wishing to participate must first create an account on the site. Once an account is created, users will be able to immediately create/join a squad and participate in ladder games.
All games are played to a score limit of 10 on any map unless a map is specified by the ladder type or tournament. Two three minute timeouts are allowed by each team. It is required that all players agree on the correct stats for the game when reporting to maintain the integrity of stats and standings.
A tournament begins when a admin host sets one up. Depending on the signup method selected by the host, players will be able to either request to participate, accept an invite to participate, or immediately join the tournament if the signup method is 'open'. Tournaments participants are on a first come, first serve basis.
Substitutions will not be allowed until further notice. If a player cannot make a match or can no longer continue, the match will be forfeited or continued as is.